What Is IG Viewer?

You may be wondering, what is cpanews Viewer? Well, it is a free tool that lets you view and download instagram posts anonymously. And what’s even better, it is 100% free! And even better, it doesn’t require any kind of software to work. Read on to discover how it works. You don’t even have to have an Instagram account to use it. What’s even better is that it allows you to view and download posts without the user’s knowledge!

Stories IG

If you’ve been wondering how to view Instagram Stories, you can now use the lasenorita viewer. You can also edit your photos and videos using stickers. Just click on the pen icon and choose a color from one of three menus. Then, you can select a specific shade of color or open the entire spectrum. Once you’ve selected the color, you can scribble on the screen and drag it to any place you want to change the background color.

Dumpor – Another free Instagram story viewer, Dumpor can be used anonymously, which is an important feature. Like the Anon igviewer, it’s free to download and has an advanced search function. You can track accounts by name, location, or tag. Dumpor allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously, and it also features basic anti-detection software. The app downloads most content and offers basic metrics for each story.


Igviewer for life2news is a great tool to download full-size Instagram profile pictures and videos. The application lets you browse through a friend’s account without being tracked and saves the content for offline viewing. It’s also free and anonymous, making it the ideal application for anyone who wants to save and access content from their friends’ profiles on the go. Regardless of whether you’re on a smartphone or a PC, this tool can help you save time and effort while browsing through the social network.

Igviewer for InstaDP works in two ways. It lets you download an Instagram profile picture in different resolutions. The first way is to enter the Instagram user’s username and click “Download this picture”. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access the full picture whenever you want. The second way is to use a third-party app to download the picture. InstaPP works like any other Instagram viewer, except it’s completely free.

Qoob Stories

Among the various story viewers out there, presentnews is one of the most popular and easiest to use. It is free to use and doesn’t require registration, but it lacks advanced features. Although it has remained a top dog for a long time, it has failed to innovate in terms of features and usability. Here are some of the things you should know about this story viewer. We hope this review has helped you make a decision.

As one of the most complete Instagram viewing tools out there, tvcrazy is easy to use. You can download massive quantities of stories and even use it to download them to your computer. You can even create posts using downloaded content. Besides downloading Instagram content, this viewer doesn’t require any registration or login and works seamlessly on both public and private accounts. You can also use it to create your own posts by combining downloaded content with a hashtag.


Inflact has built a platform for social media analytics that allows you to track your followers’ activity. The Inflact igviewer is one of its best features, as it is user-friendly and highly configurable. It features several different modules, and prices vary depending on the number of accounts and subscription length. The most popular module is Inflact Promo, which automates daily actions to gain followers fast. Another useful module is Inflact Direct, which offers bulk automated messaging to your entire audience. Direct is best for brands that want to reach all their followers at once.


The Inflact igviewer helps you find new people to follow, and it automatically likes their posts for you. People love to interact with other people, and they will be more likely to like your profile if they see other people engaged with their content. Plus, it’s low-maintenance – it only takes seven minutes to create an account. Lastly, Inflact offers a free trial.