Vastu Trick: Placing a Mirror on the West Wall of Your Home

Placing a mirror on the west wall of your home is a great Vastu trick that many people don’t know. This placement is important because the mirror can improve the overall zonal strength of the west wall. You can place a square or round mirror on this wall. A mirror that is on the west wall is considered to be an auspicious one. But you need to be sure you do it right.

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A mirror on the west wall is the best choice if you’d like to attract positive energy and luck into your home. The opposite is true if you’d prefer to attract more negative energies into your home. But mirrors can also bring happiness and good health to the home if you place them correctly. Follow the tips below to place a mirror on the west wall of your home. You’ll be glad you did!

The best mirror placement for your bathroom depends on the direction of the mirror. Mirrors placed on the east or north wall are auspicious because they reflect positive energy. Avoid placing them on the south or west walls, as they are inauspicious for the east. But if you’re in a hurry to get ready, a full-length mirror on the door will do the trick. Remember to affix the mirror carefully. Avoid placing the mirror opposite the toilet. The bathroom is full of negative energy, so placing a mirror next to the toilet is not an excellent Vastu placement. Don’t place a mirror over the washbasin because it is prone to becoming stained and attracting negative energy.

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