The Trends to Shape Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Future

Microsoft Dynamics365 is one of the most valuable tools offered by Microsoft that is gaining more and more acceptance in businesses in different sectors and geographies.

The software tool streamlines business processes. So, the tool implementation helps in raising the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

In a deviation from the common features in all traditional software tools, Microsoft Dynamics 365 carries a broad collection of business tools–including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features–to provide businesses with connected applications and services.

With these features, the software tool streamlines the functionality of customers, employees, and businesses.

Again, the software tool undergoes upgrades as Microsoft releases new features periodically.

Given the speed of changes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is expected to have the following features in the future:

Mobile Friendliness

After the COVID19 pandemic, remote working has become a new business trend. So, Microsoft is in the process of making the software mobile-friendly to facilitate remote working for employees.

Due to the mobile friendly features, users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be able to access the software from anywhere in the world.

Also, the mobile functionality will significantly impact the CRM functionality of the software. The updates will also include speech-to-text notes and the ability to delegate tasks digitally across your team.

Therefore, the software will improve productivity and collaboration apart from streamlining the CRM function.

Therefore, it will not be wrong to expect Microsoft Dynamics365 to better meet customer demands while enabling employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the next thing in Microsoft’s radar to implement in Microsoft Dynamics365. And the AI-driven features will further enhance the value of the software to transform the way business deals with customers.

Already, the CRM technology is moving toward automation to help in the personalization of communication between businesses and customers.

Today, customers want personalized communication. Meaning, consumers want businesses to understand them better.

Therefore, generic B2C communication no longer works.

Implementing AI in the software tool will help businesses provide personalized communication to their customers.

AI implementation in Microsoft Dynamics365 will enhance customer journeys with Power Automate Flow, an automation platform to integrate Dynamics 365.

The feature enables personalized AI-driven communications with customers and can be customized to attain different effective results.

Therefore, when a customer reaches the end-point in the user journey, a new journey will initiate to ensure that each user receives the best-personalized experience.

Selection of the Right Implementation Partner is Important

The extent of success in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 depends on the quality of the implementation partner.

While a good implementation partner can make your project successful, a bad partner can pose hindrances.

Therefore, you should ensure that you choose one of the best microsoft dynamics implementation partners.

You should therefore look at the competency level of your prospective implementation partner.

Experience is an important criterion that you should assess in your prospective implementation partner.

A partner with more experience becomes aware of the essential aspects of the implementation. As a result, he knows what to do and the things to avoid.

Therefore, you should engage an implementing partner with extensive experience. It will help to implement the software successfully.

Again, you should not fail to ask your prospective partner for client testimonials and references. And, it is a good idea to look for clients in the same line of business as yours.

Furthermore, the duration of your prospective partner’s association with previous clients is also an aspect. A longer period indicates the trust of the partner.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is expected to have more advanced features in the future to derive more efficiency and productivity for businesses. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the new changes in the web application.