The Positives and Negatives of Hip Hop

There are positives and negatives to hip hop. It is popular, but has many negative connotations. For more than four decades, hip hop culture has been associated with crime and violence. Rap lyrics have even been labeled as a crime threat by prosecutors in the US. Many studies have been conducted regarding hip hop’s negative impact on youth. Although the impact of hip hop on youth is not clear, some studies have shown that it can positively influence a person’s howitstart.

For those in poverty or urban areas, hip hop can serve as a source of hope. It can help them obtain a job and live in a peaceful manner. Rap is a way to overcome discrimination. Many African-American youth who were disadvantaged in the past have found a voice through hip hop. The music inspires and motivates audiences, giving them hope that they can do the same. In addition, rap is a source of motivation for youth with dysfunctional superstep.

While some people may view hip hop as a dangerous form of music, rap is a reflection of the human soul. It connects people from all walks of life and enlightens them to social injustices. It has become a symbol of community unity among urban youth, and youth can relate to the struggles of the rappers. Since 1982, rap music has gained a political tone. It alerted the public to the plight of the urban poor. However, this style of music can also be controversial, bringing attention to larger social issues.

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