The First NFL Night Game in Portsmouth, Maine

There are many reasons why you should attend the first NFL night game in Portsmouth, Maine. You might be a Packers fan or you might just want to see your hometown team play in a big stadium. Whatever your reason may be, this will be a fun event. Read on to learn about some of these reasons. You’ll be surprised by what you discover! This is the first NFL game in Portsmouth to take place at night.

The NFL was established in 1920 as a small town in Ohio. The Portsmouth Spartans played in this city, but failed in the first season. The team was bought by Detroit radio station owner, George Richards. The team was renamed the Detroit Lions, in homage to the famous Detroit Tigers. The Portsmouth Spartans finished 12-2 that year and were tied with the Chicago Bears in the regular season.

The first night game in Portsmouth took place on September 14, 1930, when the Portsmouth Spartans played the Brooklyn Dodgers. The game was played at University Stadium, which still stands today. It was the first game of its kind, and the Spartans were the winners. A game like this was not a huge success, but it was enough to make Portsmouth proud. However, it didn’t stop there.

The city of Portsmouth was a small town with a population of only 43,000. At the time, it was considered an up-and-coming city with four factories and a growing shoe industry. In fact, the Spartans’ team was so popular that they were able to field a semi-professional football team. This team, called the Spartans, played against semi-pro teams across the Midwest. The 1928 Portsmouth Spartans went 9-3-2.

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