Step by step guide to recharge your FASTag online

FASTag was implemented as an ETC mechanism by the Ministry of Roadways, Transport, and Highways (MoRTH) and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). FASTag is an RFID-enabled windscreen sticker that can be read from a distance. There is an immediate connection to a bank account or prepaid card. With enough funds in your linked account, you can use an ETC-enabled lane at a toll plaza and keep driving without getting out and paying the toll the old-fashioned way.

Why was FASTag recharge introduced at toll plaza?

Before using your FASTag sticker, you must make a FASTag account or wallet. The FASTag can be purchased at toll booths, via approved online retailers, or at participating financial institutions. It’s all digital and you must submit an RC copy. You can expect to get your tag at your front door. Visit the tracking page and enter your vehicle number as the reference number to see the progress of your FASTag delivery. And then, once you’ve started using the FASTag, you’ll need to reload it. How often you need to do this will vary based on how often you drive and what kind of car you have. Your FASTag can be recharged instantly and painlessly. The entire process takes a few minutes and may be completed in your home.

FASTag Recharging

FASTag recharge can be reloaded at 100-unit increments. The FASTag’s top reloadable amount is tied to the type of vehicle you own and the amount of money in the associated bank account.

Connecting the FASTags of numerous cars to the same account is a convenient option for those with more than one vehicle.

Assuming you passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, you can add up to Rs.1 lakh to your FASTag wallet anytime. Through various ways, you can achieve FASTag recharge.

FASTag recharge via UPI Handle

Here are the measures to take to complete the transaction using your UPI Handle:

  • First, access your UPI app.
  • Next, hit the “Send” button to begin the exchange.
  • Type in “[email protected].”
  • Confirm your UPI ID
  • Add the recharge sum to the total.
  • Use your PIN to verify the purchase.

All that has to be given is the UPI handle of the financial institution that issued your FASTag. If you’re unsure which bank issued your FASTag, look at the sticker on the card. You may also refer to the SMS you received during signup for this data.

Via Bank Draft

You can set up recurring payments from your bank to automatically add the specified amount to your FASTag wallet every month. There is also the option to specify a lower limit below which no funds will be added to your wallet. Providing your bank with an email including your account details may be necessary.


Your bank has a mobile app or website where you can utilize this method to top off your wallet.

A login is required for the next process. The next step is to designate your car as a “beneficiary” of your policy. Use your car’s identification number or your FASTag recharge ID for this purpose. The IFSC number for your bank will also be required. Your car will then be added to the list of beneficiaries.

Transactions Conducted Via the Internet

To reload using this approach, you will need login information for your online banking service. To add funds to your wallet, login, navigate the recharge section and enter your wallet ID and the desired amount. You can submit a payment by selecting your preferred banking option and entering the required information.

Take Note: A service charge may be associated with reloading your FASTag recharge online. Please see your financial institution for details on this.

After being issued, your FASTag will be active for 5 years. You can get your statements by logging onto the FASTag customer site. Get text messages on your account activity whenever it happens.