MLB Day Games Vs Night Games

In the early part of the twentieth century, the difference between MLB’s day and night games had a lot to do with how many home runs players hit. The hottest part of the day is several hours later during the day, so day games are more likely to result in home runs. Day games were traditionally played on a weekday, and began around noon. However, since Daylight Saving Time became law during World War II, day games now begin at around one in the afternoon and night games typically begin at 7 p.m

A recent study comparing MLB day games with night games reveals that some pitchers are better suited for the day. Players who thrive in day games have more significant statistical swings than those who perform better during night games. Day games are also better for pitchers than night games, which is why pitchers are better during day games. For a closer look at the statistical differences between day games and night games, consider the following teams.

The start time of MLB day and night games varies depending on the day of the week, game number, holiday schedules, and other factors. Most day games start at around 7:00pm ET, whereas most night games start at about one hour earlier. This difference is significant, as most fans tune in to watch a night game and miss the daytime game. For the Chicago Cubs, the final game of the day is played in the evening.

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