Becoming Skilled With the A3: Surviving the Fight With the Battle Royale Axe

The Battle Royale mode of A3: Still Alive is a standout element and the axe is a popular choice for those participating, due to its usefulness in close combat and its power to inflict major harm. Yet, using the axe successfully takes practice, accuracy, and strategic thinking. The aim of this guide is to assist gamers in attaining these skills.

Overview of the Axe Weaponry

The axe is a formidable melee weapon featured in A3: Still Alive’s Battle Royale mode that can be found scattered throughout the game’s map. It is a two-handed weapon that provides a hefty punch, but comes with a slower attack speed, meaning players must be accurate when utilizing it. What makes the axe stand out from other weapons is its capability to break shields, making it an essential weapon against opponents who are heavily reliant on their defenses. When wielded effectively, the axe can turn the tide of a battle, serving as a powerful offensive tool for those engaging in close-range combat.

Utilizing the Axe in Battle Royale Games

The axe is a powerful tool in close-quarters battles, capable of delivering great damage to opponents with just a few strikes. However, due to the presence of long-range weapons such as sniper rifles and bows, it can be difficult to get to the ideal striking range. To make the most of the axe, players must carefully move around the area, using cover and tactical maneuvers to get into a better position.

When in proximity to an opponent, a sense of urgency is key when wielding an axe. Its slower attack speed requires players to make each strike count, aiming for precise and well-timed blows. Even one hit can cause considerable harm, so it is imperative to take dead aim and strike only when a chance reveals itself.

When wielding the axe, it is essential to stay alert to the surroundings. Notice any possible attacks from other players and be sure to take cover or move in a way that allows evasion of incoming fire. It is also important to watch the movements of opponents closely and be prepared for any attacks, in order to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

It is absolutely essential to be patient when utilising an axe. The urge to rapidly enter into a battle and begin swinging without thought is an assured way to get oneself killed. Therefore, wait for the correct chance to attack and make use of your environment to help you.

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Strategic Combos and Tactics with an Axe Weapon

In order to get the most out of A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode, it is imperative to have a firm grasp on several fundamental combos and strategies. Here are some of the most proficient ones:

The Heavy Attack Combination : This combo consists of two initial light attacks followed by a heavy attack. The first two strikes can be used to stun adversaries, creating an opening for the heavy attack which can inflict substantial harm. This technique is especially useful when the opponent is not defending, allowing gamers to quickly and easily defeat their opponents.

The Shield Breaker: This axe has a major perk when it comes to getting through shields. To make use of this, a heavy attack needs to be performed when the adversary is blocking. It will bust through their protection, leaving them exposed to added strikes. Against heavily armored foes, the Shield Breaker can be invaluable in bypassing their defenses and inflicting hefty damage.

Evading and Striking : This approach necessitates evading an adversary’s attack and then retaliating immediately with an axe. To carry out this technique, gamers must time their evasion correctly, bypassing the enemy’s blow while maneuvering themselves for an immediate counter-attack. This technique needs a great deal of accuracy and skill but can be a game-changer in battle, giving players the ability to use their opponent’s assaults against them and swiftly gain the advantage.

Using the Bait and Switch Technique: This involves luring the enemy into attacking and then rapidly changing to the axe to counter. To do this, it’s necessary to give the adversary a chance to attack and then swiftly switch to the axe and launch a return strike.

Final Thought

To become a pro in A3: Still Alive, players must have a proficient understanding of the axe. Unfortunately, the small size of mobile phones can be a hindrance to success. Fortunately, the Android emulator from Redfinger provides a resolution to this problem.