Android App Development Cost

The total cost of Android app development depends on a variety of factors. The cost is capped at $50.1 billion for in-app purchases and subscriptions, which makes it the most expensive type of mobile app development. Despite this, more consumers are spending money on apps. In the first half of 2020, spending on mobile apps was already 50% higher than it was in the first half of 2019. Moreover, Android’s Google Play alone had 53 billion new installs.

Android app development cost varies greatly, depending on the number of team members working on the project. Usually, the fixed price model is more expensive than the variable-price model, since it includes risk factors. It also depends on the number of hours required to build the application. The cost of an Android app is determined by the number of team members, who communicate with the client and offer technical solutions to issues that may arise. This is in contrast to Time and Material payment models, which allow the client to make changes as the project progresses.

Android app development cost also depends on the features of the app. The features of an app can be as simple as taking a picture to sending AI-based push notifications. Once the app is developed, it is necessary to keep it updated regularly. The developer’s role does not stop there, though. Frequent updates and feeds will help keep the app updated and fix any bugs that might arise during the process. Supporting the app is a vital component of Android app development cost.